Have a read of some of my clients hypnobirthing stories, I am immensely proud of all my mums (and dads), all their birth stories are different, all beautiful and all positive experiences. If you wan to find out more about hypnobirthing with me enrol on the free Breathing for Birth Course, its a great place to start.


Katrina had an induction

My hope was for a home birth using gas and air and my worst nightmare had always been a hospital birth with lots of intervention but unfortunately things don’t always go to plan …….
we started contracting Sunday / Monday they stopped come morning . Saw the midwife and had a sweep this did nothing . started contracting again Monday/ Tuesday due to this excepted induction on Tuesday just felt this was the right time for us. had pessary put in late Tuesday and started contracting on and off but nothing major , Ian was encouraged to go home to get some sleep as they didn’t think anything would happen . Ian immediately had to come back as jacks heart rate had begun to drop, doctors then chose to take pessary out.  then we began contracting every two mins but come morning just randomly stop yet again . Due to taking pessary out the only option was to break my waters went up to labour ward at 3 began mild contracts but nothing major so was put on to the drip. Managed this on gas and air all good after 4 hours became really intense and had the urge to push. When examined  said this was due to him being back to back and was also not dilating so recommended epidural due to the time this would possibly take and the pain . I agreed and epidural was put in fine again this felt right for us. then his heart rate dropped so Doctors then rushed me in for an emergency C section luckily I had excepted the  epidural so wasn’t put to sleep.  Turns out jack has his cord around his neck and chin up so was compressing the cord with the contractions hence the heart rate dropping. we are both doing fine I just lost quiet a lot of blood so had 2 transfusion …….. even after all that it is the best thing I have ever been through I felt so empowered during labour, Ian also said he had never seen someone so calm and collective at every decision making step I personally feel this was down to the steps you talked us through during hypno birthing. Jack just obviously had other ideas and wanted a dramatic entrance.

Rosalind’s Vbac birth 

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for helping me get my baby here! I only came to your little talk at Burton waters earlier this year. I didn’t do the course as I didn’t have any spare money but I remembered what you said about the breathing in for 8 and breathing out for 8, or in for 4, out for 8 which is what I actually did. After a horrendous EMCS 3 years ago, I had a VBAC in April with the help of your breathing technique, gas and air and diamorphine. The midwife kept asking me if I wanted any more pain relief and I kept saying no I was ok! I was induced and contractions were coming and hurting! But they didn’t seem as bad as last time I was induced and I think the breathing helped. After 3 hours I suddenly needed to push. I told the midwife,  she said no not yet, I’m not even going to check you for another hour! I said I’m pushing, I’m pushing! She said hold on then I’ll check you at the end of the contraction. She checked and yelled, you’re 10cm go go go!!! She couldn’t believe I’d got this far and wasn’t in that much pain!
Well I needed a bit of help to actually get him out. Doctor said c section and I said no way, I’ve come this far, not another c section. They chucked some scrubs at my husband and he put them on. The doctor was waving a consent form in my face and I said no I wanted to try for a VBAC! The midwife was really positive and said to him, no she can do this! Well I pushed and pushed and with a bit of help from an episiotomy and kiwi cup, out he came, no c section, no epidural and no more drugs needed this time 😀. Unfortunately he had to go to ICU after 12 hours and back to hospital again but he’s ok now, in fact he’s so lovely so I just wanted to thank you for helping me get here.  I truly believed it helped me and crazy at it seems even being ‘high risk’ due to gest diabetes and high BP and age, I would actually love to do it again! Xx xxx

Rebecca had a home water birth 

Hi Sarah,
Sorry its taken me so long to send you my full story, im not sure where the last 9 weeks have gone.

Ill briefly touch on my first birth with my son Dylan. I did barely any preparation for the birth and was nieve to think that it would be easy and that Id follow my mums lead with a quick and straight forward birth. How wrong was I with a 24 hour labour, and forceps delivery. When I look back on the experience I believe labour slowed down once I got to hospital and felt like I was tied to the bed with a drip and monitors attached to me. The whole environment is cold and not relaxing making me scared and full of adrenalin. I felt traumatised by my experience for months afterwards.
So this time round I was determined to have an empowering and truely positive experience. I started by making sure I remained fit and healthy, drinking plenty of water (which helped keep the swelling down, I was like a balloon with Dylan), doing pregnancy yoga and lots of squats (this helped me keep calm, practice breathing techniques and keep the pelvic floor muscles strong) and practicing the hypnobirthing techniques.
I got to 40+2 and went for a sweep at 10am, by midday I started getting period like cramps about every 20 minutes. I spent the next few hours doing some yoga, rocking on the birth ball and reading my affirmation cards. I remember feeling so positive and happy but didnt want to get my hopes up too much that this was it as I had a false labour with Dylan. At 4pm I went out to pick up my husband from work and Dylan from nursery (after deliberating for some time whether it was a good idea, still unsure if this was real labour). The cramps were getting stronger but I used my breathing techniques learnt through hypnobirthing and repeated birth affirmations to myself. I felt so in control throughout. We got home, had tea and I took Dylan to bed. At around 7.30pm I thought I ought to call the midwife as we were having a home birth, but when I called I was told another lady was already in labour and having a home birth so I would potentially have to go into hospital ( not enough midwives in lincolnshire). The community midwife rang back and said she would come and assess me, whoever was furthest along in labour would get the home birth. She arrived about 8.20pm and felt my contractions which were at this point coming thick and fast. My blood pressure was high and due to having pre eclampsia with Dylan she was going to transfer me to hospital however on examination I was 9 1/2 cm dilated so she decided it was too late and baby would end up coming in the ambulance. My husband then frantically began filling the pool (neither of us could believe how fast things were progressing). My waters broke at around 9pm and I could feel baby moving down and my body was doing all the work. The pool was only just filled to the minimum line when I got in and I could feel baby pushing down with every contraction, I continued to breath my way through it. I was in the pool for about 10 minutes before Poppy was born at 10.25pm with only a few pushes, much to the surprise of the midwives. I still cant believe how perfect the birth was and how to plan it went, even down to the fact our son was fast asleep in bed through it all (no need for babysitters), he woke at about midnight and came down to meet his sister. Perfect, and I totally believe this is down to hypnobirthing. I felt so calm and incontrol throughout, I cant say it was pain free as it wasnt but hypnobirthing gave me the confidence to have the empowering experience I hoped for. I hope people will read my story and give them feelings of positivity and optimism towards there own births.  Many thanks,Rebecca xx

Our hypnobirthing baby, Annabelle Lily arrived Thursday 28th April, weighing 7lbs 12oz. My labour was super quick- the very first contractions started around 1.30am, we got to QMC at 5.45am and she was born at 9am. I had the water birth I was hoping for. I believe that the hypnobirthing helped me to remain calm, focused and relaxed and I gave birth with no pain relief at all. I felt like I didn’t have time to even think about it!

Thanks Sarah and wishing all mums-to-be in the group a positive birth experience xxx

Lucy, James and baby Annabelle Lily

Hypnobirthing home birth baby Samuel arrived 11 days early on the 23rd March. It all kicked off around 5am and Samuel arrived 12.37am. The attending midwife was amazed how calm & controlled I was. No pain relief either! Not that I felt ‘pain’…more discomfort & strong sensations. I had the birthing track on repeat all the time.

Would I do anything differently? Yes. I’d listen more regularly to the relaxation tracks (should have done it every day). Practice with my partner trigger words or phrases. Listen to my body more… When the stinging sensation started I should have listened to my body and slowed down.

Would I have had the amazing experience if I hadn’t used hypnobirthing….Not a chance. The hypnobirthing made all the difference to my capability and confidence. Highly recommend Positively Blooming to anyone.

Rachael, Stephen and baby Samuel

My hypnobabe!!! Didn’t want to wait and arrived a month early on Saturday 9th April weighing in at a whopping 7lb1 Despite the abrupt arrival and the reduced time I had to practice my relaxation I truly believe that I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I was and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal.  Natural birth, no pain relief at all! I’m not going to say I didn’t have a few wobbles or consider pain relief in the final hour but I do believe hypnobirthing is the way forwards and helps you keep your focus.

Michelle, Lee and baby Jenson.

Morning! At 0820 yesterday morning we welcomed our little boy into the world! It was all very unexpected but thankfully all doing fine. The hypnobirthing was amazing and things progressed at quite a speed. Not entirely how I would have planned but apart from the initial bit where I freaked as went from closed to 6cm in under an hour I got it together and refocused. They were very complimentary about breathing and how calm I was. From 0 to pushing was in total 5 hours 5 mins. I would do it all again tmrw. Just love him xxx

Katie, Paul and baby Barnes.

My husband and I attended one of Sarahs hypnobirthing sessions 2 weeks before our son was due as I have started to hear more about it. Sarah has such a calming presence about her and we really enjoyed the session. I had been using hypnobirthing method’s at home and my husband thought it was all a bit ‘ mumbo jumbo ‘ so i bought him along to hear Sarahs story. after the workshop my husband started to see the upcoming birth as an exciting experience, rather than a daunting one. He even kept reminding me about releasing our oxytocin rather than adrenaline ( even now in every day life).

I felt so positive about our birth, my friends and family thought I was crazy to be looking forward to the birth. I listened to sarahs pregnancy track every day for 4 weeks ( he arrived two weeks late) whilst ihad a bath.

I was told I needed to be induced which rang alarm bells to me. But with the help of hypnobirthing I just kept calm.  
The birth was long with early labour lasting two days. I was then ‘ stuck’ at 3cm dilated for which seemed like hours. I did have to accept an epidural 3 hours before the birth but mainly due to the reason..I needed sleep!
The midwives did comment about how calm our birth was and sarahs birth mp3 was being played in the background.
if it wasn’t for hypnobirthing the run up to the birth would not of been as positive as it was. Thank you Sarah.

Julia, John and baby Cameron

Hi Sarah,  I thought I’d email you after the birth of our son on 31st December.
The hypnobirthing techniques that you taught us combined with the MP3 worked wonders! Before seeing you I was absolutely petrified of labour, however through breathing and relaxing I turned my black stone into a white stone!
The labour lasted in full just over 3 hours and I used your breathing techniques throughout. They really helped me cope with the pain and kept me so much calmer as they gave me a focus.  I really can’t thank you enough and I have been singing your praises to all my pregnant friends!!  Thank you again.

Becki, Shaun and baby Harrison

Hi, I just wanted to let you both know I had my little princess born Wednesday 9th Dec at 13.12pm at home weighing 6lb 5oz.   It wasn’t as calm as some of the hypno videos I have seen (still mooed like a cow) but I did it with no pain relief and kept trying to zone into the background birth track between each contraction which definitely helped keep me calmer during the contractions! I couldn’t have asked for a better birth! Will post pics over next few days smile emoticonxx

Samantha, Arron and baby Kiera

Sarah, thank you so much for today’s session. Both of us I really enjoyed it. His mind has been opened (thank goodness!!) and you have given us both the tools to know how to deal with what’s ahead. Looking forward to plenty of practise before the big day.  xx

Katie, Paul and baby bump

Hello Sarah,  Thank you for the MP3s you sent after I completed the course.  I hope you got my thank you card in your mailbox.  My sister was amazed that I was 9cm on arriving at hospital!!  Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Ali, Stuart and baby Archie

Hi Sarah,  Just a quick email to let you know our little one got impatient by 3 weeks and decided to surprise us! I gave birth at 1.06am this morning …. Thanks to your course I was able to stay calm throughout (especially as my birth plan of a water birth fell through) and apart from a small spell of gas and air I was able to birth completely natural and drug free!!  So thank you again.

Kate, Pat and baby Sophia

Hello Sarah,  I had a little boy on 23rd November at 12.24pm weighing 7lb 8oz. We were in hospital for a week though because of feeding and weight loss. He is struggling to latch on to the breast although we keep trying, I am expressing so he is having this through a bottle.

I found the hypnobirthing session so helpful and really feel that this helped me to have an overall positive birth. I listened to the MP3s loads and made a positive affirmation poster.

We are getting used to life as a little family, A xx

 Alison, Andy and baby William

Hi Sarah,  I can’t thank you enough. We had to stay in till Friday as she had an infection from cord. I was so calm I wasn’t upset at all. I just let the doctors do their thing. I’ve never felt so good, I’m Not tired, I’m not emotional, I’m just loving every minute. The pain from the episiotomy has been uncomfortable, but I just kept using the deep breathing techniques which really helped. I will be back to see you again in the future no doubt. Have a lovely Sunday
Kind regards, Rachael

Rachael, Nick & Tabitha October

Hello Sarah, Here is my birth story ….My husband Chris and I chose hypnobirthing as our baby is an IVF miracle and we felt we’d had enough medical intervention already. We’d also had some awful pre-pregnancy experiences in the gynae unit of our local hospital, where I’d had a HCG x-Ray and hysteroscopy with no pain relief or aftercare offered, and I felt I was quite roughly handled and was left emotionally traumatised and frightened of giving birth at our local hospital. I was then told I was too high risk for a home birth, and all other hospital options were over an hour away.

My waters broke dramatically at 1am whilst I was in bed. We were fairly shocked as it was two weeks early but there was no mistaking it so we called the hospital and they said to come in to be checked. We presumed we would then be sent home to labour so only took our medical notes.

On arrival the unit was full to capacity, so we were sat in a small room waiting to be seen for an hour. I had no pains though so we did not mind. The room was then required for a woman in active labour so we were moved to the recovery suite used post c-section and carried on waiting to be seen. I had very swollen, purple hands and feet, so my blood was taken and urine checked, and I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and told I was going nowhere until baby was born, and if my labour did not start within a few hours I’d be induced, something I really did not want. At this point we realised that Chris would need to go home to collect the hospital bag, so we called my mum, who was my second birthing partner, to come up, as I did not want to be alone.

About 3.30am I started to have very mild period like cramps and was excited that my labour might be starting. Unfortunately, the hospital had 2 c-section patients who were then wheeled into the room with their babies! I was stuck behind a curtain sat on a bed whispering to my husband and mum so as not to disturb their much needed sleep. Whilst Chris was gone the pains increased but were still mild so I sat bouncing on a birthing ball practicing my breathing techniques learnt in the class. I really wanted to walk around but due to the other people in the same room felt I had to stay still and be quiet. I decided that whilst not ideal I was fine, so carried on bouncing and breathing, and as the pains increased I stood leaning on the window while my mum rubbed my back. I concentrated hard on my breathing and was coping really well.

Things progressed very fast, and by the time Chris got back around 5am, he and my mum had to speak to the midwives to get us into a proper room, as my pains were only 4 minutes apart and strong. I was able to walk calmly to the room they had cleared for me, and Chris put the music I had chosen on the Bluetooth speaker we had brought in. I asked to be examined as I wanted to know how far along I was. The midwife was shocked to discover I was 6cms as I was still chatting between pains and not making any noise during them. We thought we’d give the TENS machine a go, but as I was 2 weeks early we had never got round to reading the instructions, so we abandoned that!

I positioned myself on my knees leaning over the back of the bed and focused on breathing. Chris and my mum were an amazing team, rubbing my back, stroking my neck, hands and arms, making sure I had water and keeping me focused. I had one almighty pain and asked for gas and air, and at this point my body started to push and I just had to go with it. I don’t remember much detail: I remember Chris being at my head passing me water, stroking my arms, hearing our music in the background – it was as if no one else was there, everything else was out of focus. I remember being supremely calm, and occasionally hearing the midwife gently telling me to relax my shoulders and let my baby move himself down (she was amazing and totally committed to hypnobirthing). Chris tells me I would turn to him and smile after every pain had finished but I don’t remember doing this! This part of labour was a really beautiful experience where I just felt really close to my husband.

After a while the midwife asked me to change positions as baby’s heart rate was dipping. This was the point things started to go a little bit wrong. I remember whinging a bit about this (I wanted to be upright!) but it was for the baby so I let her help me onto my side, and carried on as before. Again I was zoned out, I remember the music, my husband’s voice, breathing as taught in class and using the gas and air, which I loved! After a bit longer things were not progressing and baby’s heart rate was dipping and not recovering, so I was told I needed to be on my back. I really really did not want this and was a bit upset, but I trusted the midwife so decided to do as she asked. The baby was not moving down, and at this point things got a bit hairy with his heart rate – the obstetrician and paediatric team were called in. In the meantime the midwife gave me an episiotomy and then the head became visible.

The doctors arrived. I remember the obstetrician being the stuff of my nightmares: he came in demanding his instruments (!) and bossing the midwife around. She was brilliant and told him she thought that we only needed a couple more contractions, and could he wait until then, and that she had called him in to be ready if needed. He was not happy! Luckily, with lots of hard pushing, and with my mum and Chris cheering me on over the next 10 minutes or so, Arthur was born. He was totally pink and cried immediately, so the paediatric team packed up and left. I’d been in the final stage of labour for 90 minutes, and overall labour was about 7 hours. I had a second degree tear caused by the quick labour so needed a fair amount of stitching, and luckily a nice lady doctor came to do this. Even while waiting to be stitched I told Chris I would happily do it again.

The midwife said afterwards that my birth was so calm she was going to use hypnobirthing herself (she was pregnant). I remember it as a beautiful experience and even though things went wrong I was so calm and focused throughout. I only had gas and air, and I truly believe that had I not been hypnobirthing I would have required much more intervention.

Thank you Sarah!

Louise, Chris & baby Arthur

Hi Sarah,
Just thought I’d write to you to let you know that I’ve had my baby!

Last Monday morning! At 32 and a half weeks! So 2 months early. I had periods like pains all of Sunday so called the hospital just to check that that was Normal at that state of pregnancy. They put me on a monitor and everything was fine so they asked me to stay the night because all my tests said everything was fine but they weren’t sure why I had stomach ache. This was about 10pm so I watched some tv and tried to sleep but had back ache and was really uncomfortable so went for a walk around the ward at about 1pm. The midwife said I looked different and I told her I was very hot and thought I was in more pain but wasn’t sure because I’d just been in a room sat thinking about it. Anyway walking back to my room my water broke, the midwife said she didn’t think so because I seemed fine so we went to my room to check, I got huge pressure in my stomach when I got on the bed and the midwife could see I wasn’t fine so she put the emergency buzzer-the alarm went off, the door flew open and loads of people ran in the room and grabbed my bed to push me up to the labour ward- it was just like one born every minute! Haha. When I got to the room the doctor said he’d examine me to see if I was starting to dilate and saw a little bottom facing him! I was starting to dilate she was on her way! So I was told to push when I had a contraption and that I was going to have to deliver a breech baby,I asked if that was possible (I didn’t realise it was) and I was told I had no choice because she was on her way down! Haha.

When Tom got to the hospital( very quickly,) when he got there he was surprised to find me in labour, in a room with 2 doctors, 5 midwives and 2 ladies from neonatal intensive care with incubator. Long story, not so short, my waters broke at 1.15 am and she was out at 2.11am!

She is in an incubater in intensive care but is doing very well.

I don’t know what happened really I think I just went into spontaneous labour. It’s hard to stay positive at the moment but I’ve written some positive lists at the end of the day and am trying to think of affirmations to do with our situation now. The birth was obviously not what I was planning at all but I am convinced that I successfully hypno birthed! I was shocked when I first started contracting but then something just completely came over me and I felt like I was in a trance. I felt like there was just Tom And I in the room even though I could hear when the doctor was giving me instructions. I just counted 4 then 8 and thought of the surges in my stomach going up and down. I’m really pleased I did the whole thing with no pain relief and thought minutes afterwards and still think now that I would do it again tomorrow! It’s just the aftermath that I wouldn’t repeat because it terns out having a premature baby is not an easy ride!  L xx

Louise, Tom & baby Etty

Hi Sarah,  I’ve had a little Baby hector! So it’s been a busy week!

I went into Labour Saturday night after speaking to you! I think my subconscious takes hypnosis-birthing waaaay to seriously and the slightest thought of being ready sends me into Labour!

So, he came 1 day and 1 hour before term which was annoying (meaning no waterbirth).

We’ve had another dramatic time as well, he was ok for about 20 minutes then stopped breathing so was whisked off to intensive care in Lincoln. The next day we were moved to Nottingham because he needed to be on a respirator (which he stayed on for 3 days) then on Sunday we were transferred to Boston (Lincoln is full). He’s a well travelled little boy already.

He’s doing a lot better than he was though. They think he had pneumonia and is now recovering.

It’s such a different experience to Etty even though it’s so similar. So fingers crossed no postnatal depression!

I had an amazing pair of midwives who did everything they could to enable I had the birth I wanted, regardless of him being pre-term, they found some essential oils and one projected images of water around the room.

I’ve attached a piccy of him when he was born. He’s gorgeous and squishy (although, obviously, I’m biesed).He was 6lb 10oz.

Thank you so much for all your help! I had two brilliant births and I’m 100% sure it was down to hypno-birthing.

I shall be recommending you to all my friends and family, haha. 😃.

Thanks again.

Best wishes

Lou, Tom & baby Hector

Well, the homebirth didn’t happen, the hypnobirthing was only used briefly, and it’s now a week since our little pixie arrived! But – it all worked out for the best. My BP rose dangerously at week 36 and I was admitted, first to the labour ward as they thought they might have to do an emergency c-section, and then to Nettleham Ward, they struggled to get it to level out with meds & then to add to the problems the funny tum that I’d had turned out to be Campylobacter -which they treated with a short course of abtibiotics (usually it’s left to run it’s course). I ended up being induced at 38+3 and thenext day gave birth after 30minutes labour & a bit of gas & air to the very beautiful, but very tiny Josie Florence. She was 5lb4oz. I used the breathing from hypnobirthing to help with the contractions at the start and also when the Obstetrician needed me to use the gas & air in a controlled manner, but once things were moving at a rapid speed I had to concentrate more on helping her escape as her heartrate had plummeted & when they broke my waters there was meconium in them.

The Obstetrician used a kiwi to help her out and when she appeared the cord was in a figure of 8 around her abdomen & neck. So all in all a good thing that I didn’t have my home birth! Pretty eventful 30mins! Lots of friends have commented on how lucky I was to have a 30min labour (2 hours 5mins from first contraction to Josie’s arrival) but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone – it was too much, too quick and both myself & Josie were in shock – she ended up in the NICU for 3 days(hypothermia, hypoglycemia & suspected sepsis) but is doing well now. It definitely helped, being able to control my breathing, and whilst30minutes didn’t make for a very relaxed time the techniques stopped me from going in the deep end if that makes sense? Thankyou for teaching us! Best wishes

Niccy, Dave & baby Josie

Many thanks for sending the information pack and recordings so quickly, I thought I would have a quick listen to pre-labour recording this afternoon and went out for the count until it was finished, thank you so much I felt so much better afterwards.  I cant wait use the rest, thank you!

Sara, Craig & baby Grace

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