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Welcome to the Positively Blooming Hypnobirthing Online Home Study Course, my name is Sarah & I’ve been teaching hypnobirthing since 2008.

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Over the years I have taught my clients remain calm, relaxed and in-control of their thoughts and emotional even when birth takes a challenging turn

By the time you get to the end of this course you will have said goodbye to any doubts, worries and fears you have about your ability to birth and say hello to your new found birth confidence.

Our hypnobirthing home study course is broken down into easy to navigate sections that build up your knowledge, confidence and skills, we include:

  • Professionally written hypnosis MP3’s
  • Easy to follow self-hypnosis exercises
  • Breathing exercise to take you right through labour
  • Understanding your hormones for birth
  • Learn how your uterus works
  • Enjoy bonding exercises for you, baby and partner,
  • Learn massage for birth
  • Birth partners support materials
  • and so much more

We even have a support group on Facebook where you can ask questions and chat as you go through the course.

I designed this course for expectant Mums who want to take time out from their busy lives to relax, unwind and bond with their baby.  It’s for those that really want to enjoy the remainder of their pregnancy.  And to even go so far as to say look forward to giving birth and meeting their baby for the first time.

Your only carry and birth this baby once.  You’ll never get this time again.  So give yourself and your baby this opportunity now.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You’ll be pleased you did it.

hypnobirthing Southend Birth Anxiety“On the 25th June we welcomed our second daughter into our family. Yet again I had such a wonderful birth, both have been such positive experiences and I have genuinely enjoyed both of them. This is all thanks to you Sarah, Thankyou so much! Xxx Lily is the best big sister to Maisie! I was worried how she was going to be, however she is just amazing! Xx … Sorry just two more pictures, you know at the start of the course you mention to us to have an aim! Well with my first birth with Lily my aim was to capture this moment of leaving the hospital as a a new family, and with my second birth my aim was to leave and capture the moment as a complete family! These are my two favourite pictures I’ve ever taken ❤️hypnobirthing Southend Birth Anxiety

– Kate, Matt, Lily and baby Maisie. 

Enrol today on Your Complete guide to Hypnobirthing and learn all the tools and techniques you need for a more comfortable birth.  You’ll also have my full support on your journey from pregnancy to motherhood in our community Facebook group.

Regardless of the type of birth you are planing for you and your baby, a home birth, a hospital birth, a water birth or planned C section, the core hypnobirthing skills will help you to remain calm, confident and in control when you meet the new love of your life.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Learn From The Comfort of Your Own Home
  • Be Fully Supported
  • Discover What You Can Control During Birth
  • Learn to Let Go Of What You Can’t
  • Help Your Body & Positively Influence it’s Responds During Labour
  • Give Your Baby & Yourself All The Help You Can
  • Learn ALL The Tools And Techniques For Birth
  • Make Sure Your Birth Partners Has All The Confidence They Need To Support You
  • Make A Positively Blooming Lovely Birth Memory!

You will also receive FULL support in our community Facebook group, this is a great place for you to ask any questions you have and to ensure you get the best out of your course.

hypnobirthing Southend Birth AnxietyAfter your baby arrives, let us know and we will send you ‘The New Mummy Bonus Module’ this is packed with valuable information to help you settle in too your life as a new Mum.

I look forward to welcoming you to the course & supporting you through your hypnobirthing journey.

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When I got to the room the doctor said he’d examine me to see if I was starting to dilate and saw a little bottom facing him! I was starting to dilate she was on her way! So I was told to push when I had a contraption and that I was going to have to deliver a breech baby,I asked if that was possible (I didn’t realise it was) and I was told I had no choice because she was on her way down! Haha…The birth was obviously not what I was planning at all but I am convinced that I successfully hypno birthed! I was shocked when I first started contracting but then something just completely came over me and I felt like I was in a trance. I felt like there was just Tom And I in the room even though I could hear when the doctor was giving me instructions. I just counted 4 then 8 and thought of the surges in my stomach going up and down. I’m really pleased I did the whole thing with no pain relief and thought minutes afterwards and still think now that I would do it again tomorrow!  L xx

Louise, Tom & baby Etty (first baby)

Thank you so much for all your help! I had two brilliant births and I’m 100% sure it was down to hypno-birthing.  I shall be recommending you to all my friends and family, haha. 😃.  Thanks again.  Best wishes Lxx

Lou, Tom & baby Hector (second baby)

Hypnobirthing Online with the option of in-person support  at our practice in Leigh on Sea in easy reach of BenfleetChalkwell Park, Eastwood, HadleighLeigh on Sea, Rayleigh, RochfordShoeburyThorpe BayThundersley,  Westcliff On Sea