Congratulations on your pregnancy. How are you feeling?

Overjoyed. Excited. Scared. Overwhelmed.

All of the above!

Pregnancy can bring up a rollercoaster of emotions and for the most part that’s fine, normal in-fact.

But sometimes those anxious thoughts can easily take over and put a dampener on the whole nine months. Making your upcoming birth and transition into motherhood a daunting experience.

Maybe you’re worried about the significant changes having a baby will have on your life? Or you are worried how you will cope emotionally?

Are you feeling concerned, not sure if you are ready for the impact a baby will have on your life? You see and hear all the time, the demands a young family can have on you.

You’re pregnant. You’re pleased of course you are but how you think and feel about yourself, and your life is changing.

And you’re questioning your readiness.

If you’re anything like my previous clients you have one hundred and one questions filing your mind. Questions such as…

What can I expect in labour ?

When will I know it’s right time to go to the hospital?

Will I bond with my baby once it is here?

How will I cope with being tired and sleepless nights?

What will parenting be like?

And will I be good enough?

Will I experience complications that affect me and my unborn baby?

Is labour going to be painful and how long will the whole birthing process be?

Will my partner be ok during the labour process?

Will having a baby change things with my partner?

You could be concerned as…

  • Maybe you have a fear losing control and you’ve started to give your self a hard time.
  • Perhaps you worry about your performance in labour and your body’s ability to give birth
  • You maybe concerned that you will be unable to cope with labour and suspect it will be a traumatic experience
  • Maybe you have a strong dislike for hospitals
  • Or you’re worried about interacting with health care professionals
  • Perhaps you distrust the obstetric staff
  • Or you are concerned they wont be friendly
  • You worry you might be left alone in labour and that frightens you
  • You fear you’ll look silly or not be involved in any decision-making

Deep down you know that childbirth is safe and having a baby is a positive thing but you can’t help but think about the possibility of negative or harmful outcomes.

There is an underlying fear surrounding you that something is bound to go wrong. So strong is this feeling you’re carrying that maybe you’ve put off telling some people that you are pregnant.

Everyone expects you to be happy and glowing now you are pregnant. Dutifully you put on a show for them. No one understands why you’re not permanently brimming over with happiness and you don’t feel you can share these worries with your friends and family for fear of looking daft.

You’re scared of losing control and equally as scared of the responsibility a baby brings.

You are not alone.

The majority of expectant Mums worry about the impact having a baby will have on their life.

Some of those of women suffer so badly with this fear that it can overshadow the whole pregnancy, complicate childbirth and even lead to difficulties bonding in motherhood.

However, research shows that regardless of how deep rooted your fear is, by preparing for childbirth not only will it enhance your birth experience, but it can also promote bonding with your partner and baby leaving you to experience positive parenting once baby has arrived.

Enrol in The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula Here

Preparing for childbirth is as important as preparing for any other of life’s events.

Birth Preparation for Overly Anxious Minds will help you to:

  • Build on your confidence to birth your baby and mother your child
  • Reclaim your emotional control before during and after birth
  • Increase your knowledge and awareness of your body’s responses
  • Prepare you for any challenges that may occur during your baby’s birth
  • Allow you to respond confidently to any challenging situations in pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • Trust in your ability to cope with whatever birth brings
  • Manage your thoughts and emotions well in all situations
  • Gain invaluable self insight allowing you to love and accept yourself
  • Build a bond with your baby in pregnancy that will strengthen in motherhood
  • Strengthen your bond with your birth partner making you a formidable team

When you perceive a sense of personal control over your baby’s birth you will feel more capable, confident, calm, courageous and comfortable putting your coping skills into action on the day.

Birth Preparation for Overly Anxious Minds provides you with an environment where you can learn and share from other expectant Mums who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings to you. This will help you to move forward with a positive mindset and feel prepared for birth.

Feeling prepared for childbirth and having an awareness of your own amazing abilities makes labour easier, shorter and more comfortable for both you and your baby.

Having an awareness of your birth choices and making those decisions during labour from a place of calmness and confidence will provide you with a positive start to motherhood.

it’s amazing how easy it is to nip in the bud any unhelpful thoughts and feelings around pregnancy, birth and motherhood easily allowing you to move forward as the capable women you are.

Understanding you unwittingly create and maintain those fears and anxieties around birth is the key to be becoming free of them.

Together we:

  • Will learn relaxation techniques that help now in pregnancy, during birth and become an invaluable part of your motherhood experience too
  • These same relaxation techniques are a crucial part of breastfeeding should you decide that is what you want to do when your baby arrives
  • We will build up your self esteem and self confidence, stop that habitual comparing and contrasting your self to others
  • Feel confident as a mother and banish self doubt
  • Learn how to manage your worries and greatly reduce your anxiety levels for good
  • Resolve any pesky anxiety based symptoms you maybe experiencing
  • Understand the process of birth and the important part you and your baby play in it
  • Greatly reduce any fear, worries or concerns you maybe having
  • Inform and equip your birth partner in order to be huge support to you and become your advocate
  • Learn effective bonding techniques along with your partner to build on your new relationship with your baby before birth

And if you’re worried about asking silly questions along the way, you needn’t be as we answer all your questions even the ones that you don’t want to ask. There really is no such thing as a silly question in our community, we give honest, researched based answers where we can or signpost you if necessary.

You and your baby are in safe hands.

Birth Preparation for Overly Anxious Minds will increase your preparedness for childbirth leaving you with a positive birth memory that’ll last you a lifetime.

Enrol in The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula

The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula is an Easy Effective & Enjoyable Course

I’m don’t normally care for statistics. Spreadsheets are not my thing!

But as part of my business it has been suggested to me that I should gather data on my clients experiences.

All I really care about is you and your perception of birth. Because I know from both years of working with Mums and becoming one myself that when you feel good about your baby’s birth it sets you up for motherhood in a positive way.

And that is so important.

The knock on effect of a negative experience can be enormous. I have first hand experience of this from my first birth. As do many of the second or more time Mums that I work with.

And if I can show you how to avoid this as much as you possible, my work is done.

Having gone through the figures it looks like I achieve exactly this.

I’m blown away that 85.71% of my clients take the time to share their positive birth stories with me.

Out of those, 84.85% of them have had positive experiences of birthing in hospitals and 61.67% of my clients achieving this are first time mums.

But like I said, I don’t do this for the numbers I do this so that you and other women like you can birth their baby’s feeling calm, confident, capable and courageous.

I look forward to sharing your birth preparation journey with you.

See you on the inside!


Enrol in The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula

The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula Details:

The course is split up into six easy to follow modules (there’s no need to bombard you with all the information in one go as you maybe overwhelmed).  The Welcome and Introduction  is there for you immediately when you enrol.  The subsequent six modules will follow at weekly intervals.  Just like this:

Welcome & Introduction

Your Birth Preparation for Overly Anxious Minds Course is waiting for you as soon as you enrol.  Find out what to expect and how to proceed. To get the best out of this course do not skip this part!  Get stuck in and make the commitment to yourself and your baby with your Birth Preparation Introduction Handbook. Get a taste for relaxation and start preparing for your baby birth immediately with your Deep Relaxation MP3.

Module 1: The Belief Systems, Release & Reclaim

Before you can pave the way for a positive birth experience, one where you feel in-control, calm, safe and supported you have got to clear out the crap and start with a clean slate – release and reclaim thoughts and emotions that support and help you achieve the birth you desire.

The Mind At Work

  • Beliefs & You
  • Beliefs & Birth
  • Beliefs & The Medical Profession
  • Beliefs & The Media
  • Wiping The Slate Clean
  • Why No Two Births Are The Same
  • The Experiment
  • Coue’s Law
  • Demystifying Hypnosis
  • Pregnancy MP3 – Preparing for Birth

Module 2: The Anxiety Spectrum, Manage & Resolve Anxiety

Step away from the high alert setting once and for all.  Find your new normal and enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy in a state of calmness and relaxation that trickles through to your baby. Build birth confidence and greatly reduce your levels of stress, anxiety, worry and panic for good.

The Physiology of Your Body & Birth

  • Anxiety, Manage & Resolve
  • The Stress Response
  • Positions for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Optimal Position for Baby
  • Estimated Due Dates
  • Labour – a Rule of Thumb
  • Muscles of the Uterus
  • Hormones for Birth
  • The Golden Hour

Module 3: The Emotional Control Spectrum, Creating Resilience & Power

Discover what you can and can’t control in labour, and in life.  Free yourself from those unhelpful, unsupportive, out-of-control thoughts and beliefs and create your own empowering support system.  Ensure that out of control experiences are a thing of the past.

Tools & Techniques for A Positive Birth

  • Emotional Control, Creating Resilience & Personal Power
  • Breathing for Birth
  • Distraction Techniques
  • Natural Pain Management
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Deep Relaxation Guides
  • Step-by-Step Self Relaxation Techniques
  • Thought Filter

Module 4: Natural Thinking Styles, Identify & Enhance 

Get up close and personal with your natural style of thinking, identify your strengths and step into your power.  Choose the path of least resistance every time enjoying the positive impact it has on you and your baby.

Personal Insight & Birth Partners Support

  • Natural Style of Thinking, Identify & Enhance Yours
  • Prepare for Parenting MP3
  • Taking care of yourself in labour
  • Supporting  your partner in pregnancy & birth
  • Massage for relaxation and pain management
  • Safety, Security & Support Guide
  • Communicating with ease
  • Practical Stuff (lots of)

Module 5: The Social Pressure Gage, Creating Confidence & Independence

Limit your response to social pressure, by reducing your self conscious reactions, gaining self confidence and making independent informed choices that are right for you and your family.  Make discussions easy in pregnancy, labour and enjoy relaxed and happy parenting.

  • Social Pressure, Your Response & Reactions
  • Impact on Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

Approach your Cesarean with Confidence

  • Cesarean Birth Plan
  • Cesarean Planning Activity Book
  • Preparing for Cesearean Relaxation MP3

Turning Breech A Baby

  • Breech Baby Relaxation MP3
  • Turning your baby Activity Book

Module 6: The Self Esteem Battery, Recharge & Replenish

Reboot and raise your self-esteem battery with our two week turn around system, goodbye self doubt and hello self confidence. Learn a new language – one of self support and encouragement.

  • Self Esteem, Recharge & Replenish
  • Two-week Turn Around System
  • Mind Your Language
  • Recap & Revisit


  • LIVE Q&A With Our Practicing Academic Midwife
  • New Mummy Resources Delivered Once Your Baby Has Arrived
  • Breast-Feeding Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Private Supportive Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q&A sessions

Enrol in The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula

What Our Clients Say…

Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula SouthendHi Sarah,
I’m so happy to let you know that Henry James arrived yesterday morning, born at in a pool at home, in his membranes, weighing 9lb 4oz.

Thank you for your help and advice throughout my pregnancy. There is no doubt that the course and Facebook group made a huge difference to my approach to pregnancy and childbirth. I remember sitting in your office before Christmas frankly terrified and anxious about impending labour and motherhood, but now I’ve come out the other side having had a positive pregnancy and childbirth, and to top it off I have the tools to manage future anxieties too (which are inevitable now I have a newborn baby!). I wasn’t expecting the benefits to my emotional state during pregnancy that your course provided as well as the hypnobirthing techniques- and it has been invaluable.

From 26 weeks of pregnancy I worked through the course slowly and listened to the pregnancy mP3 weekly. From 30 weeks I increased this frequency and started the live round with you (which was great) and from about 37 weeks
listened to/worked through at least one of your mp3s most days. I wouldn’t say I mastered it, as frankly my time to practice was limited but I think I gave it a good go!

My birth plan largely came true!
I started having occasional contractions Saturday evening but managed to get some sleep; they continued on Sunday about every 10-15 minutes then stopping for an hour or so before they continued more frequently from about 6pm on Sunday. Your childbirth mp3 noticeably helped me remain in control and the breathing techniques were invaluable at this early labour period in particular when I was on my own or just with my other half. I continued surge breathing through the night (although I did sometimes forget to Smile at the end!) and we called the midwives at 3.30am when my contractions were every 3-4 minutes. I was examined when they arrived and had got to ~5cm dilated. I got in the pool which was wonderful for pain relief. The gas and air ran out at one point so I had an hour just using breathing techniques whilst some more was collected and to be honest I was fine without it. Henry was born at 9am after 4 hours in the water.
I’m not going to lie the labour was not as ‘zen’ and ‘calm’ as I had anticipated (I think my new neighbours had a disturbed night!) but I got him out, at home, with no interventions or stitches required-I can’t really ask for more than that can I!

I did have to be transferred to the hospital for a nights observations as I had some PPH, but we are both doing well now and going home today. As an aside I cannot fault the NHS community midwives or any of the maternity staff here at Lincoln county-I have been extremely well looked after- hopefully those are encouraging words to share with your local clients as it sometimes feels that you only hear horror stories.

It is very odd to think that 7 days ago I woke up to a day of moving house and today I wake up with a baby! What a week!

Thank you once again for your help, there is no way I would have remained calm and in control through pregnancy and labour without your teachings and support, and I doubt I would have been able to give birth to my ‘substantial’ baby without interventions, and at home, without you. I will be recommending you to all of the pregnant people I come across!

Carolyn, Jim and Henry

Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula SouthendHi Sarah,
I hope your well!
Our little Beatrix (9lbs 12oz) was born on Monday at 23.46 after going into hospital following waters breaking earlier that same same day at 3am.
As you know my main desire was to avoid another induction as first 2 babies both went 14 days over so inducted were large as result and second pregnancy resulted in PPH both these factors made me very scared,terrified and extremely anxious as didn’t want repeat similar experiences.
Had been booked for a c section on 21st ( yesterday ) 12 days post dd, but am delighted and thrilled to say my body went Into spontaneous labour at 41+3 something which I’d convinced myself I was incapable of doing.
Your course made me feel positive and helped me to prepare but most of all believe that no 2 birth experiences are the same which gave me huge comfort. Also that we can take back control to give us the confidence and empowerment to have a positive birth and that these do really exist. This experience could honestly not have been better and I feel that I’m beginning my next motherhood journey in a much stronger place both mentally and physically.
I struggled with breast feeding with babies 1and2 but the course has again given me confidence to believe I can do it and again is a different experience, the breast feeding video and info was huge help and so far it’s going very well!
Breathing through contractions, was a big help and definititly helped me ease the discomfort. I won’t lie I wasn’t able to have positive affirmation after positive affirmation, when contractions came thick and fast although believing my body has all it needs to cope and to get through and every contraction gets me closer were a big help. I still remember saying I felt scared at one point, but all in all, everything came together.
I’m so delighted and just wanted to say the biggest thanks! So pleased I stumbled across you and this course, and would certainly recommend.
Thank you so very much!
Katie and Beatrix! This picture is as she was handed to me, after delivery she’s still attached . Xxxxxx
Hi Sarah!
Thank you, yes absolutely fine to share on the website, its positive and inspiring stories from other mums that I found so reassuring and uplifting. Far too many too keen to tell their bad ones even when your evidently heavily pregnant??
Forgot to Say live links with Jules really helped me too. Was so valuable being able to get immediate replies to any concerns!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I look forward to seeing the new site and all the info. Will I still have access to all the material covered?
Your amazing too, you do such a great job!
Love Katie xx