We’ve all got one.

You know that friend that looks completely un-phased when life chucks her a big fat juicy lemon.  She doesn’t fall down or walk around with a sour look on her face.

No, she takes the lemon and makes that proverbial glass of lemonade.

You know that girl I’m referring too? We all know at least one like her.

She’s resilient like the elastic in a new pair of knickers.

Pings back into shape without a sideways glance.

Why is that?

First thing that’s springs to most people’s mind when I ask this questions is, its in her DNA, it’s a trait and she must have been born with it. Then, following on from that the next thing people tend to say is, she has had a charmed existence and been protected from life’s knocks. So its easier for her.

Rarely does anyone say its because she’s learned how to respond positively to situations she finds herself in whether she likes that situation or not.

People learn how to bounce back after a knock, just like those toys that wobble but don’t fall down, Weebles.

This kind of learned response is called resilience. Resilience isn’t just your ability to bounce back from life’s knocks, but also your capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, whilst maintaining stable mental and emotional wellbeing.

Resilience is a learned behaviour, which means you can be resilient just like that girl we mentioned earlier.

You can have that capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; that emotional toughness that helps you to recover from illness, change, or misfortune.

And I can show you how in The Breakthrough Formula.

Those of us that build up our emotional strength are less likely to suffer from anxiety, fears, phobias, stresses, and depression. We are also less likely to have habits and behaviours such as, over exercising, over eating, over spending (yes I see you), gambling, drinking one too many regularly, speeding when you think no-one is watch and drug taking.

And of course those of us that build up our emotional strength will model resilience to our children, making the next generations mental health and well-being stronger.

If you want ot find out more about The Breakthrough Formula get in touch and we’ll book a time to chat, this could be just what you’re looking for.



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