Self Esteem And Confidence Building for Mums And Mums-to-be

Take part in this exercise to see how different those evaluations are, the bigger the difference the more we can build your self esteem.

How do you view yourself?

No honestly, how do you view yourself?

Make a note, a few lines, a paragraph, fill the page.

Now read it, back what does it say?

Do others view you the same way?

The answer is probably NO.

Its really easy for us to view ourselves in a negative light. It’s easy to see our flaws, our imperfections, all those things we dislike about ourselves that others rarely see.

Now give yourself an appraisal, just like your manager would at work. Write it down. Now read it, back what does it say?

Compare the two and tell me Is your view of yourself honest? distorted? positive? negative? supportive?

The bigger the discrepancy between how you view yourself and how others view you the lower your self esteem is likely to be.

Your self esteem does need to be really low for you to start feeling out of control. For you to start feeling anxious. For you to start being held back in your life, your work and your relationships.

Your self esteem is how you view yourself, not how others see you. Your self esteem has to come from within.

Let me explain why.

Now I have a lovely husband, he is very kind and supportive BUT if he tells me I’m lovely or I look nice in that outfit and I feel like rubbish, I won’t listen.

I won’t believe what he says

I’ll dismiss it.

I go with my own thoughts, after all they are stronger, more reliable, more predictable.

So if I think I look rubbish and then i’ll feel rubbish regardless of what he ( or anyone else) says.

Supposing I did listen to him, well relying on others to lift yourself esteem won’t help you long term. Only ever in the moment.

So its good I don’t rely on him (or anyone else) for my self esteem, what if he wasn’t there one day or was so busy he didn’t compliment me.

Where would that leave me?

Self esteem has to come from within, you need to view yourself positively, be supportive, be kind and process all that you do. Even when you don’t get the outcome you think you want.

Your self esteem needs to be constantly charged up, just like the battery on your phone. You easily keep that charged without thinking about it too much don’t you?

That’s what I want you to be doing with your self esteem. Keep topping it up like that battery on your phone until it becomes second nature to you.

Here’s one thing you can do everyday.

Everyday from now on make sure you process the effort you’ve put in to your day.

Whether that be being on time for school, work or college. Planning your meals and packing your lunch. Answering your emails and making those calls. Getting on top of the ironing and walking the dog.

Process it, process it all.


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